If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants. - Issac Newton

About Toyos.dev

This website has two purposes. First of all, is a mean of advertising myself, so people can get to know about what I love to work on. It's a way of quickly introducing myself, if you want to know about me you just have to visit toyos.dev, you can take a look at my projects with a few clicks. Additionally, I have authentic control of how I wish to convey in the way I desire. I hope the simplicity of this website enchances the content of my projects.

On the other hand, this site is a little counter-movement against today's mainstream web, which is centered around less than a dozen domains handled by mammoth tech companies. Having a personal website is like owning a little bastion of freedom to express oneself. Despite that more than ever we have the means to actively be part of the Web, the internet has been reduced to advertising and consumerist business models. That's why I'm publishing this website for all internauts to discover. It's up to us to make The World Wide Web an intresting place.

Created on the 19th of February 2022. Last edition on 31/10/2022