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A website for a small cooking business. gonzacook.com features a catalog of food products and a virtual kart for taking orders. The website is dynamically generated using Flask framework and it's hosted on a Waitress server over a Nginx reverse proxy. The website is mobile-first oriented and relies on Bootstrap for it's responsive components.

The original website was made using JSP, but it was migrated to Flask on October 2022 because it proved to have faster responses, more efficient deployment cycle, and it was easier to add new content to the website.

Despite using Flask, the core logic of the shopping kart is fully implemented in javascript, making the site interaction (cliking buttons, confirming forms, etc.) a seamless experience. Flask is used as a way of assembling the website templates and fast deployment.

If you are not at Montevideo I'm afraid they wouldnt be able to take your order. Nevertheless, feel free to take a peek or see it's source code on github.

This project was a great opportunity to gather experience in the following technologies and tools:

  • Flask framework for web development.
  • Core web technologies: HTML, CSS and JS.
  • Deployment techniques with Nginx using AWS.

Created on the 19th of February 2022. Last edition on 31/10/2022