Don't document bad code - rewrite it. - Brian Kernighan


Notes of courses and books that you might find useful. Sometimes I take notes in markdown while reading the course's material or after hearing some gold nuggets my proffessor said during class. The different images found in these notes are taken from the original sources I'd used to study. All copyrights and credits goes to its respective authors.

The notes are in Spanish. I believe that it's a great exercise trying to explain a concept or an idea you understood from one language to another. Building sentences that try to reflect the same concept in both languages it's a way of understaing an idea from different angles and can reveal if you really understood something or not.

I worte this notes in markdown first. So I'm afraid some Latex expressions are broken. You can find the orignal version in markdown at the end of each document.

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility in the quality of these notes. Sorry if you find any mistakes or imprecisions. Nevertheless, please contact me if you have a question or you find a mistake. I'd be glad to correct it.

Created on the 19th of February 2022. Last edition on 6/11/2023